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Brimar 6080

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The 6080 is a series pass valve and was used professionally in large numbers during the 1960s and remained in demand for replacement purposes until well into the 1980s.

Type 6080/CV2984 is designed as a cathode-follower output valve in control applications as 

well as series pass stabiliser roles. The controlled output (up to 125 mA per half) is delivered at the valve cathode, it being normal to operate both halves in parallel.

The most significant feature of the 6080 CV2984 is its exceptionally low Ra value, nominally 285 ohms per half, enabling a valve to deliver 250 mA for less than 50 V anode-cathode drop. Note all of the operating details apply to each half.

Because of the large heating power and the close grid-cathode spacing, an unusual form of construction has been used to ensure that the grid wires remain too cool to emit electrons even towards the end of life when active material from the cathode surface may have evaporated onto the grid.

These valves have tough lives and are often run very hot.

The valve features a flat cathode, a flat control grid wound between notched rods, and an anode split into two flat bottomed 'U' sections. One on either side of the cathode. This structure is repeated for each valve.

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